Evolution of Multi-View Video Surveillance

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Multiple cameras installed in one place have long been relegated to realms of history books. In the past, to view multiple areas at the same time, one needed more than one video surveillance camera installed on the same wall or on the same corner of the building. Sometimes, a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera was installed on the corner or one roof of the building. The downside of using a PTZ camera was a view of only a single area at a time, in the direction where the camera’s lens was pointed. These were costly and often impractical solutions.

Thanks to rapid advancements in technology, leading video surveillance camera manufactures, developed and introduced cameras that have built-in multiple sensors with variety of fixed or auto-focus zoom lenses. Modern multi-sensor cameras can provide seamless 180° or 360° coverage with great detail and minimal distortion. Because they have multiple sensors, they provide wide coverage combined with high image quality and high pixel density. With their seamlessly stitched images, multi-sensor cameras also eliminate blind spots.

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